My First Last.

Being a senior means one thing. I have 9 months to figure out what to do after I walk across that stage.  It also means that I am going to be having a countless number of last times for the next few months.

My first last was parent’s weekend.  Having parents that both went to St. Bonaventure means I have a weekend of watching my parents relive their college life with me by their side.  Some kids get embarrassed by parents acting like 21 year olds.  For me it is like I gained two older looking best friends (sorry guys), who have been attending Bonas with me for the last 3 years.  What’s even better is when my roommates and their parents have the same feeling.  It usually leads to some kind of drinking game with parents against kids.  This year was flip cup, we knew we had it in the bag, but we didn’t know that the score would be 1 to 20 kids.

Having all the attention is on ME is what I consider I HUGE perk! I will admit I am an attention whore.  If I have the chance to get the attention I will go for it.  Parent’s weekend is the perfect time to get all the attention I want from my parents.  From doing what I want, to spending their money on me.  I am forever grateful for the things my parents have given me throughout my life, but being the older sister I have to share those things sometimes.  Parent’s weekend I am an only child for 3 days, and I take full advantage!

I love parents weekend because it is the time where I get to show my parents, that everything they have provided me is worth it.  Between all of my accomplishments I’ve made since the new school year started, to the life I’ve created away at school. Being able to share something with my parents that I created on my own means that through all the mistakes there have been good things that appeared.

The Sunday after my first last has not only become a day recovering from a killer hangover.  It has also turned into my first last.

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