7 Reasons Ruggers need Yoga

Ever feel like you have gotten hit by a bus and your body is too sore to function.  This feeling is exactly what a rugger feels post-game, but instead of a truck its this rock hard forward looking to throw you to the ground.

Yoga has been an up and coming way to live a better and healthier life, but that’s not the only thing that it can do.  It can improve the way you feel before and after a rugby game.

1. Mobility

Yoga can help the rugger become more flexible which in the long run helps with the soreness of muscles.  By lengthening the muscle tissue, there will be a greater range of motion along with creating more strength throughout the body.

2. Strength

Yoga will help build strength that focuses on developing both the upper and lower body in a dynamic and static manner. It helps create a stronger core without having the pain of doing 100 crunches.

3. Body Awareness

Yoga can help know what every inch of your body can do at every moment. This will make it easier for a rugby player, especially forwards, to make those small necessary changes they need to perform more accurately.

4. Ease of Movement

One of the big keys in yoga is to breath.  This can result in effortless movement while in a very relaxed state.  You wont find yourself panting while trying to play the game.  When going into the second row of the scrum, I was always so nervous, yoga can help calm these nerves but keep my performance up.

5. Recovery

Both during and after the game tightness is a very big common issue within the game of rugby. Yoga can help ease the tensions every player wakes up with Sunday morning.  After a hard game of being tackled constantly it is sometimes very hard to move.  With the help of yoga, Sundays wont be as painful for the players.

6. Injury Prevention

Developing mobile strength and body awareness through yoga can help to significantly reduce the risk of picking up injuries.  Rugby is a very physical game, there are going to unfortunately be injuries.  Yoga will help with both preventing the injury and rehabilitate past injuries through some of the techniques mentioned above.

7. The Mental Game

Yoga will be able to help relieve things like pre game jitters.  Everyone gets nervous before a game no matter how long they have been playing.  With yoga these nerves can be tamed, which will increase the confidence during a game.

Who knew that something so harsh and physical like rugby could be hugely effected by something so calming like yoga.

Opposite do sometimes attract.

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