Preventing Midterm Nerves

There comes a time during every semester where you have to cough up all the information you have learned and put it on paper.  Those lucky few that are good test takers call it midterm week.  I call it “so stressed out im loosing my hair” week!  As a senior you would think I would know how to prepare myself for this god awful time.  Well I don’t…

Everyone always says in order to do well you need to study and make sure you are prepared.  But, you can only study for so long before your brain is mush.  Below I have given some of the non school things that can help so that not all of your hair falls out.

1. Mani Pedi

Every girl always feels better when she has a fresh coat of paint on her fingers and toes.  Go to the dollar store and buy a nail file and make your nails look nice.  If you want to get really creative soak your hands/toes in hot salt water, and then rub them with a foot file or corse sponge.  This will help get rid of the dead skin, especially on your heels.

2. Facial

A nice facial after a shower can always make you forget about your problems.  At least for the time the mask is on. DIY face masks are always so much fun, grab a friend and sit in bed listen to good music and let the cleansing begin! If you don’t want to spend too much time pampering yourself stop by your local drug store and grab a pre-made one.  They are just as good and they are not too expensive. My favorite are the peel off ones, but they have all kinds for all types of skin.

3. Yoga

I swear by yoga! My mom got me into it about a year ago and this past summer I have lived by it. Yoga is the kind of exercise that anyone and everyone can do.  No matter age, body size, or how fit.  Start off with a short beginner class and sooner than you think you will be doing it for an hour a day. There is no need to sign up for a class or spend any money.  Find a quiet peaceful place in your apartment or around campus and scroll through YouTube.  It will take some time to find someone you like but once you find that someone it becomes very enjoyable.  My favorite is Yoga With Adriene, she caters to both the beginner and advance yoga doers.  Check her out at .

4. Exercise for a mile

Exercising for just a short time each day can not only help your health but can also help with stress.  If it is nice out go take a walk down a nice trail or even around your neighborhood.  If it isn’t nice out pick your favorite machine at the gym and do it for a mile.  Dont be self-conscious about going because who cares, go because you want to go.  Dont bother with what other people think.


Whatever you do, and no matter how much you want to DO NOT EAT! Binge eating can be the death of your bikini bod and all motivation to get one.  Dont make mid-term stress last any longer then it has to. If you are going to eat something resort more towards veggies, greek yogurt and granola, or some fruit.  I don’t blame you if every once in a while you need something greasy and heart stopping.  ALWAYS make sure you have some self-control and don’t eat too much.

6. Glass of wine

For those of you who can, have a nice glass of wine.  One of my favorites is a red Merlot.  Pour a big one or little one depending the amount of tests you have and enjoy.  I’m not saying to go all out and binge drink a bottle of wine, that is for when midterms are done.  I’m saying that after finishing a hard chapter or a hard night of studying reward yourself.

7. Make a new playlist

For me, making a new playlist is so much fun.  I have Spotify premium (which I recommend) and I will go through it for hours to find new songs.  My goal is to usually find songs that no one has heard of but usually I just end up going through friends playlists and taking their songs.  Even though I don’t accomplish my goal music always helps me forget about my stresses for a brief time.

8. Binge watch some Netflix

Pick one of your favorite shows that you have watched, currently watch or want to try out and watch a few episodes.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this during the day because if you are anything like me no matter how much self-control you have you still wont stop when you say you will.  Instead watch something while you eat something for dinner, or before you go to bed.

These aren’t for everybody, but they sure have saved me from loosing all my hair in one semester.

One thought on “Preventing Midterm Nerves

  1. Well now I know what I did wrong all those yrs ago. I didn’t do “Midterm Stress” the right way. Silly me just drank the whole case of wine. I shall remember these rules in the next life.


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