A Fall Sunday

Having the name Autumn constitutes for endless fall jokes come September 21.  The older I get the better I have perfected my fake laugh for these jokes. The jokes however, aren’t the only thing that comes with September 21st.

Ever since I was a child every Sunday afternoon me and my family made the trip to Conesus Lake to spend the day yelling at the TV because of the Bills.  In my 21 years of living what has been said to the TV hasn’t seemed to changed.  It often consists of…


and of course other variations depending on how bad the game is.  The best part of everything is its usually my Grandma who gets the most creative with what she says.

Food is a necessity when it comes to football games. The best food for a football game always comes in a big silver pot that takes time to cook.  Filling the room with a warm home smell that you can resist loving.  I’ve always heard that Italian Grandmothers make the best sauce, but I have a Polish Grandma and her sauce is damn good.

You can never forget the pies that are forced down at the end of the night. I don’t care how much food I have eaten the best thing is always filling the cracks with my moms homemade apple pie.

September 21st marks the day were here in Upstate New York outside is becoming more and more beautiful as the days go on. The inside is being warmed with family gatherings and damn good food.  Many people think my name is funny because it is a season but I think that it is the best name in the world because it symbolizes the best time of the year.

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