Calories Don’t Exist

The big day is ALMOST here! The next three days will consist of drinking lots of wine, eating whatever I want, shopping and NO CALORIE COUNTING!

Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday, mainly because of the magnificent feast that is laid out before me. It is also my favorite holiday because it is the one day of the year where I indulge in whatever is on the table in front of me. I do not even think about the calories or the sugars or any of it. I eat until I am going to explode, which is what you should do too!

Nutrition and fitness have become such a heavy part of people’s life that it is sometimes hard to enjoy the holidays. Between worrying about if what we are eating is healthy enough or wondering if we really need that third piece of pie (by the way you do need that third piece of pie).

Besides, if you do eat a little more than you should you can always walk/run or even fight it off while shopping the next day. Gotta do whatcha gotta do to get that deal.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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