leaving the nest.

By definition leaving the nest refers to the notion of a young person moving out of the accommodation provided by their guardian. Such move can be desired by various factors, including desire for independence, discovery of a more viable location or practicality.

As a graduating college student my definition is much different. To me leaving the nest refers to the notion of a college graduate being shoved into the real world, with not a clue on how to survive.

I can not express how appreciative I am of the education I received at St. Bonaventure. Between the opportunities, the experiences I gained and the memories I have made. That place will forever hold a place in my heart.

However, through all that I have gained, I am still not ready. I am not ready to conquer the real world. I am not ready to live farther than walking distance from my friends. Or to have to schedule lunch dates a week in advanced instead through “five plate fatties.”

I am not ready to adult.

For the last 21 years I have depended on family, teachers, mentors and friends. With each year supposedly being told that I gained more independence. I feel with each year I have done the exact opposite. I have switched out who I am most dependent on as those years pass. When I was younger it was my family. When I got to high school it was teachers and mentors. Then I went off to college, the time everyone says you become most independent. Now I am graduating college and I am more dependent on my friends and roommates than anyone else.

I am supposed to leave the nest but what if I am not ready? HELP!

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