im done.


I’m done.

Done with classroom daydreaming.

Done with notebooks filled with doodles.

Done with tests I’m not prepared for.

Done with rushing for deadlines.

I’m done.

Done with after hours that go till sunrise.

Done with drinking a hangover away.

Done with dad slipping me beer money.

Done with filling in the blanks from the night before.

Im done.

Done with stuffing my car with all my belongings.

Done with living 2 seconds from my best friends.

Done with living off of noodles (hopefully).

Done with a place that has molded me into who I am.

I’m officially done

**releases a heavy breath**

2 thoughts on “im done.

  1. Autumn……while four fantastic years are coming to a close, your future is bright. Many of the things you mention that are behind you, will actually continue to be with you going forward, as you forge ahead into your next chapter. One of the most amazing things that you get to take with you after you graduate from Bonaventure are the life long friends you developed there. You also get to look forward to every alumni event you can attend, both organized and also the ones that are thrown together at a moments notice. We hope the you and your friends are having an amazing senior week, celebrating to the maximum extent, and ready to walk across that stage…….you have earned it! Monica, the kids, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors! Look forward to seeing you this summer and getting to celebrate in person!


    1. Thank you Keith! It is strange to think that it has gone by so fast! I am excited to move into a new chapter but still very sad to leave this one!


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