5:38 am.

Thats the time when the sun peaks over the hills behind East Lake Road. The time when the birds start chatting the morning gossip. The time when I become irritated the sun is walking into my room uninvited.

The lake is awake. The water still undisturbed by the raging motors, and the sun giving warning that its going to be a hot one.

Conesus lake to me, better than any beach, tropical island, or foreign country. It is my happy place, my therapy.

When I was young I would refuse to let myself like the place. Taking a trip to the cottage meant no friends, hanging with drunk adults, and no electronics. As time has passed, my friends come visit, I’ve become one of the drunk “adults”, and my bill has gone up because of data overload.

As kids our parents give us so much and it often goes unappreciated. Not in the way of being spoiled brats (well at least not for me and my sister) but more for the fact of being a naive kid not realizing the true value. I find that even now I am still that naive kid, just with different things in life. I have come to appreciate those things I hated as a child, but now I am naive about post-grad life and what it “should” entail.

The time when I started to truly appreciate the cottage was when I could start to drive. I was no longer cemented to one place because of my parents. I am now able to live the life I want, without having to plan around my parents. As kids, our time is spent based off our parents, with an occasional say. But once we receive the independence of a license, we get choose how our time is spent.

I know that was when I started to truly see the value in our cottage at the lake. I am now able to experience that feeling my parents get when they wake up early enough to watch the sun peak over the hills or see the stillness before the raging motors. I am able to truly appreciate what my parents have provided for me. Even if it is just a wooden box on concrete blocks.

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