the oldies.

The first 18 years of your life you are around the same kids. You all grow up and transform together as you enter middle school, high school and finally graduation. Then comes a whole new world. A world of making new friends, finding a new niche, and new clicks. You form new inside jokes, new habits, and create new memories.

For some, new memories replace the old. They replace the times you walked through your high school during spirit week with late night walks home from the bar. They replace cheering on teams during sectionals, with drunk chants at sports events. They replace sleepovers in your parents basements with living room sleepovers in your on campus apartment.

For others, specifically me, the memories not only remain, but they are relived. The week after graduation I did nothing but wallow in the fact that I was no longer in college. So in order to get out of that funk, I went back to my high school habits (with less sneaking around).

I show up and walk into the DeBellis house like its my own. There are late night plans with friends for food because its the only time we are all free. There are spur of the moment trips because our parents still occasionally fill our tank. I still beg for a Saturday night off from the restaurant so that I can go to a last minute concert. Same as I did 4 years ago.

Just because we grow up and move on into this “whole new world,” does not mean it isn’t okay to go back to the oldies. It doesn’t make us living in the past, it doesn’t mean we haven’t grown up. We are shoved into the world when we graduate high school. When college is over sometimes the best thing to do is go back to what we know is safe. With time maybe, just maybe we will start again, with new friends, and new memories and new inside jokes.

Until then I’m perfectly happy going back to the oldies.

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