’twas the night before..

Twas the night before July 4th, when all around the Lake
Not a single cup was empty, not even grandma would flake.

The flares were posted by the shore with care,
In hopes the guests would bring some beer to share.

Happy Third of July to all, and to all a good night!

Its the day I request off a year in advance. Its the day I spend eating pasta salad and drinking till my liver fails. The day that turns into a night that never ends (or at least I wish it would never end).

Many ask why Conesus Lake celebrates with the ring of fire on the third. Many don’t know that the ring of fire is not celebrating Independence day but taking after an old tradition from the Seneca Indians.

When the Seneca Indians were the sole residents of Conesus Lake, they would gather around fires in celebration of the lakes beauty. Resulting in a look similar to todays ring of fire. Nowadays, flares are put out on the beaches of each house to represent those fires made.

It is almost as if Conesus Lake residence are celebrating the beauty and independence of the lake the night before the independence and beauty of our country is celebrated.

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