It finally happened!

I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon or be such a big event but it really was. I have officially “adulted.”

Now, I am sure its quit obvious what I mean by adulting but for those who aren’t sure, it is simply growing up and doing something more mature and productive with life, other than carrying on my college days. Some examples are moving out, getting a job with a 401K or in my case buying my first new car!

I still had to get my ma to co-sign, so it wasn’t completely on my own, but the fact that it is in my name and only my money is going into it (unfortunately) means that I have done this all by myself.

Now don’t everybody get too excited because this is the most “adulting” I will be doing for the next few months. Mainly because I refuse to grow up, but also because holy shit does it suck! I now have a car payment, I am acquiring I guess more reliable credit, and I just spent a crap ton of money on something other than an education.

Its scary, overwhelming, and quite stressful. However, at the same time its almost like a sigh of relief or even refreshing. To know that I can actually be an adult even if I have to take it one step at a time.

Some tips for taking your first step into adulting:

  1. Have your parents two steps behind you incase you fall (or a salesman tries to take advantage of you because you are clearly clueless). There is nothing worse than getting too deep where you cant get out. Let them help you just a little you don’t take a left when you should have gone right.
  2. Don’t second guess it, BE CONFIDENT! If you don’t feel comfortable then who says you cant live in your parents basement forever. If you want something go out and get it, if it doesn’t work out then come back and start again.
  3. Never feel that once you have become more of an adult you cant still act like a 21 year old on a Friday night at the Burton (just don’t get arrested, that will mess everything up). If you are only about “adulting” and lock up that inner child then you aren’t truly living.

All in all, just go for it. Try to “adult” at least once a month. Thats my goal at least, not being too overconfident but dipping my toes in the waters of growing up.


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