the day finally came.

The time finally came for move in day.. at least for everyone else (yes I am referring to Bonaventure again..)

It seems that all I can type about is how sad, depressed, and lonely I feel without Bonaventure. I have blogged about how it is my life, its molded me blah blah blah. Those are very true but now it feels like it took something from me. I feel as though Bonaventure has now left me hanging.

College is supposed to be that final stepping stone before you truly take on the real world. It is supposed to help you prepare for the rest of your life. At least this is what I was told. But as I sit here in the Henrietta Starbucks and realize that all my friends are currently dreading walking into class, I cant help but be bitter towards the place I brag about. I cant help but hold a grudge towards the place for making me feel so lonely and sad about leaving.

I will never truly be able to bad talk the best place in the world, but right now if Bonaventure was a person, there would be some tension between us.

My mom keeps saying that if I didn’t feel this way then Bonaventure wasn’t truly what I made it out to be. However, watching the first weekend, and first day of classes roll in on social media sure did feel like a knife to the heart. ESPECIALLY when Facebook gives me those reminders on what was happening 2, 3, or 4 years ago!

Through out all the bitterness I am currently carrying with Bonaventure I am just still baffled at the fact that a college could truly mean so much to me.

It sure is a place like no other.


2 thoughts on “the day finally came.

  1. Girl. I know exactly how you feel. I feel this way towards Villanova (where I graduated from) and for a long time I was bitter towards college because I felt like the best years of my life were ripped away from me. But now that I’m two years out, I’ll tell you this–it does get better. And life does change & there are many good things ahead of you. You’ll always have a sweet spot for Bonaventure but there will be other times/moments that are as equally good. Hang in there.

    Kasia |

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    1. I sure hope so! I love knowing though that other people feel the same and I am not crazy obsessive for how I feel.

      xoxo, autumn


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