the leftovers game.

It came and went just like it does every year.

The last weekend of summer always seems so far away and then.. its over. Another weekend of sun, drinking, and endless snacks that are not so good for that “summer bod.” (or in my case lack there of).

Now, the time clock on all those containers lingering in the fridge, are ticking and you don’t know how to get rid of them fast enough.


Personally I am a sucker for leftovers. They are easy, you can get real creative without making a major mess and its something to look forward to when you get home! Here are some of the leftover queen’s (me of course) favorite ways to clear the fridge without a quick toss in the trash.

Add it to some greens.

Salads are a concoction of stuff thrown in a bowl mixed together and sometimes enjoyed.. and sometimes eaten because its the “healthy” thing. Well any one of those leftover dishes to pass is actually probably pretty good on top of a pile of spinach or greens. Truthfully it makes eating a salad about 10x better! In my case I love spinach so I combine it with anything from the soggy fruit salad to the tomato mozzarella basil that was made by someone who waiting till the very last minute. If you only have a little bit left but your someone like me who is on a budget and saving every crumb.. take the container for lunch and bring a bag of your favorite greens. That way your greens don’t get soggy and you have a perfectly good lunch all in one!

What to do with fruit salads.

Everyone loves a fresh fruit salad, but not everyone loves a clump of soggy fruits soaking in a pile of sugar juice.

  1. Drain out the leftover sugar juice, freeze the fruit and use them for ice cubes in your water (or in my case a “casual” drink after work/school). Infused water always helps making that 8 cup goal easier to accomplish.
  2. Use the fruit as a fruit topping for either yogurt or ice cream. Take a cup of plain greek yogurt to work in the morning and use the fruit to sweeten it up for a more enjoyable breakfast. Or use the fruit for ice cream toppings. You know you got some in that freezer so stop staring and just eat it already!
  3. Use the fruit and its juice as a salad topper. I am trying to take on that “healthy life” and one “suggestion” is that you stop using dressing. Well the trick with the fruit is that the sugary juice replaces the dressing and the fruit helps make it more enjoyable.

Add to your favorite meal.

From day to day its very easy to get tired of eating the same thing over and over and over again. Well now is your chance to take full advantage of all the options you have in your fridge. One of my favorite things to do is put different things with those favorite meals of mine. One thing I love adding things to is poached eggs. For instance I have about 20 hot dogs left over in my fridge because for some reason my parents thought it would be a good idea to make every person 5 hot dogs.. they were WRONG! Anyways… I cut up the hot dog in tiny pieces warmed them in the frying pan with some veggies and through them on some spinach with egg for a little brinner! Also known as THE best meal. Breakfast for dinner = brinner.

Don’t be afraid to try different things. I love avocado, so one thing I do is take veggies or even the bean dips and combine them with some mashed avocado. Al of the sudden, I have homemade guacamole.

Add it to a grilled cheese.

With a cookout comes lots of buns in all shapes and sizes, a couple slices of cheese some butter and some leftovers and you have a grilled cheese like no other! I have put everything in my grilled cheese from left over meat, to macaroni salad to veggies. If the fact of putting something that should be cold in a hot sandwich freaks you out, then put it on top. Make your grilled cheese the old fashioned way and then add a scoop of whatever combined ingredients to the top.

Now, I may be a sucker for leftovers, I mean I did take anything back to college that I could. And it took some creativityto not get sick of Thanksgiving leftovers from all four of us roommates.

Who knows maybe in the process of becoming a mixologist in leftovers your create something you end up continuously making.


8 thoughts on “the leftovers game.

    1. I think they wanted to get rid of everything, but didn’t realize it was gunna kick them in the ass because no one wanted to bring any home! Listen if you can make an original grilled cheese you can make any kind, I lived off them in college. Bread and cheese prices were always in my budget!!


  1. I love leftovers too! Hello? Easy meal? Yes please! Boyfriend absolutely refuses to eat leftovers. Sorry, didn’t realize I was dating a prince…

    I love the grilled cheese idea, I do something similar only mine is a quesadilla.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never thought of quesadillas! Totally going to try that one next. I still got about four containers I have to get rid of, they are never ending!


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