A Monday morning cl-open shift.

The shift from hell.

The only reasons why my job sucks.

Sunday night football is always a late night at the bar. A good night, but always a late one. This one was like every other, EXCEPT I had to open the next morning. Hence the word cl-open (close + open).

The worst part about a cl-open is thinking the entire way home that in just a few short hours you will be taking that same route back to re-do what you just shut down. Having to put all of the mixers, jiggers, blenders, and my other “tools” away to then take them all back out and put then back in their spot. ITS SO ANNOYING! Its very easy work but just so tedious. Not only that but you also need to make sure you go home, wash up, get in bed, sleep, wake up, and drink coffee (very important) all within a timely fashion.

Well let me tell you.. I don’t know how to do things in a timely fashion.

I was home, washed up and passed out in no time.. but the next morning was a HUGE struggle. Even with my Morning Person Routine, I still couldn’t do it. No amount of coffee or favorite morning things could get me going this time.

Finally getting to work, just about 15 minutes late (sorry boss) I get all set up and then the day CONTINUES to worsen. As if the gods said, well she’s already had a rough morning lets just turn it into the day while we’re at it.

I love my regulars, they are awesome to talk to.. they always make me smile, and lets be honest if it weren’t for you guys I would be late on my car payment every month. So basically thank you! (Better thanks to come at a later post.. promise).

But man, this cl-open day was one weirdo, high maintenance, bad tipping customer after another. I am pretty good at keeping my cool, I am 100% going to say something while counting my money in the back. However, I will be nothing but respectful to you. But that day there was this woman… and man, was she testing my patience! It was one thing after another. From her drink (which was a vodka soda.. really hard to mess up) to her food, to complaints about the restaurant. Now as a bartender you have control over two things, how much beer one can have, and how much liquor is in a drink.

NOT how cold it is.. NOT what is on the sports channels.. NOT what kind of alcohol we serve.. NOT what is in the food or on the food menu.

Truly I think this women thought I owned the place because she wanted me to change more than what I had control over.


It just seemed like one thing after another. Maybe it was just the bad vibe I got when I woke up, or maybe it was the cl-open. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, that day kicked my ass!

To my future self, and all you hard working ladies, (and gents if you read) keep kicking ass, no matter how much a bad day kicks yours!




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