Late night wanders through Twitter and I came across a video I think everyone, no matter who you are, should see.

I don’t know why it popped up from 2010, but I am sure glad it did. Lisa Kudrow gave a speech that will justify any mistake or failure I have had or will have in my 20’s. She tells her times that she has failed and how it led to a life that was something she would never have dreamed of.


I am 22 years old and I haven’t had a super bad shut down yet. Mainly because I am happy with my job and don’t want to enter the world of blazers and daily interviews. But I have had bad days/moments with other things, personal, physical and even through out school.

“..keep these moments of doubts, only moments.” A line that you should always keep in the back of your head. Especially for those time when you don’t think it will get any better. You know how people always give you little bits of information to keep in the back of your mind? Well, all of those things are useless compared to what Lisa has said here.

I know there are a lot of cliches in this video. Trust me, they make me cringe, BUT COME ON! WHO FREAKIN KNEW! She was FIRED from a major TV show, to then not get a spot on SNL, to be denied some more to THEN land on Friends. Now maybe this is old news, but to me this is brand new. I had no idea she had struggled that much to find her spot in the TV world.

Just to add to the cliches of this post…

If she can do it so can we! Seriously though, she spoke in a way that made it easier for me personally, to come to peace with the fact that I am going to fail, and have my heart broken, or be disappointed. But that is supposed to happen. I am supposed to fail again and again AND again so that during one of those attempts I can succeed.

Now I can’t tell you how many people have told me this, between family, friends professors at school. Everyone always says you are going to fail before you succeed. For some reason though hearing it from someone who to me doesn’t seem to have a normal life (in a good way), get shot down as much as us “non celebs” do, is very reassuring.

It would also be more reassuring to have her say that she eats, just like me, a jug of Milk and Cookies Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream when a door closes. Just to make me feel a little better about it.

Comment with you go to treat when life just isn’t going right!



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