a week that was needed.

After a fun weekend with a pretty hard ending I needed this last week. Bonaventure being so different, and those post graduation blue’s coming back to the surface, a family/friend filled week was a must.

It started with drinks on a TUESDAY! It doesn’t happen often especially since graduation. Not only was it drinks but also really freaking good food from the Cheesecake Factory. And everyone knows that once you enter that place you leave stuffed and usually with an unnecessary dessert. I got the vanilla cheese cake. I love cheese cake but sometimes it is just too heavy and too much. This one was so perfect.. I tried to make it last more than just one day but I failed miserably. I swear I took like two bites looked back and it was gone.

One of my favorite parts in college and even as an undergrad was being able to drink during a hard day, any day of the week with very little consequences. That is unless a casual drink turned into blasting music and an entire bottle of wine later. But still, now no matter where I drink, I have to drive.. limitation. I HAVE to get up in the morning and go to work, I can’t just skip like I occasionally did for class (sorry ma and dad)… limitation. AND I can’t be spending 9 dollars a glass of wine consistently (man do I miss cheap wine).. limitation. My point, if you can’t see it, is that it is so hard to just go out for drinks with little to worry about. I always have to be aware of what the consequence is going to be out of a casual Tuesday night out.

Then came Thursday which was not only a highlight of my week but also something I will remember forever. It was my first Sabres game BUT it was also my Grandpa’s first game as well! Being a Rochestarian I have been to countless Amerks games but I never really grasped the game of hockey. To be honest, I always new it as the guys with great hair and well were always nice to look at on and off the ice.

Besides the good looking guys, nothing is ever like a professional sports event. The food, the beer and the atmosphere you just can’t beat anything like it. Plus having a Grandpa who devoted every second before we left to learning about the game of hockey and the players, I had beer, good food, and my own personal commentator!

Unfortunately the Sabres lost, BUT on the bright side out of the past three games, their home opener was probably their best game (that’s what my Grandpa said at least).

To finish up my great week that I soooooooo needed, was a beautiful wedding. My cousins got married and truthfully it was THE most beautiful wedding I have been to. Granted I have not been to a lot of weddings in my life, but out of those few… speechless. Between the food, the location, the way the bride looked! All of it is or is going to be put in my wedding board on Pinterest.

I am going to recommend this for every wedding from now on… do NOT do tables, go with the grazing stations. These are way better in every aspect. Granted you don’t have the look of the sweetheart table BUT no one is sitting next to someone they don’t want talk to. You can have more options for food. AND there is no schedule! No one has to eat at a certain time, or wait for you to take your first bite. It is much more of a party rather than a scheduled, time oriented celebration.

However, this weddings wasn’t one of the best just because of the way it looked, but also the people. I don’t think I have danced for as long as I did that night with my family ever. From 6 till we got kicked out me, my sister, parents and grandparents were on that floor working off every bit of alcohol we consumed to hydrate.

You know how people say to dance it out? Well that is precisely what I did.. and I didn’t stop. My feet let me know it the next day… a girl may look good in heels but damn do they do her dirty.

A week of friends, drinks, new things, and family. A week that turned my post grad blues, to appreciation for the new surroundings I have. A week that put me back on track of finding/creating a life that isn’t based off of a bunch of brick buildings I became obsessed with.

A week that was needed.

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