a bills fan.

Being a Bills Fan is tough. It brings non stop criticism of the drunken behavior, the non stop teasing because our records have not been the best in the league, and the never-ending disappointment (that is until this year!).

But through all the bad brings great memories are always made, and for me some of the best were this past season. Being from Rochester going to a Bills game is nothing but easy, I remember when I was young going to games with my Grandpa. Wobbling in a snow suit, or loosing circulation in my hand because we were gripping so tight so I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. Him taking me around the stadium buying overpriced snacks and being in love with the atmosphere. Now the memories are slightly different..

This years experiences at the Bills games were just plain CRAZY!

The first game was a morning of drinking/eating and an afternoon of cheering on what seemed to be a never-ending loss. In the midst of a terrible game however there was a moment of laughter and enjoyment for some of us Bills fans. And all the credit can go to Tristan Lambright the Buffalo Bills streaker. Now when people say he ran for more yards than the Bills did all game they are not joking. Sitting in the nose bleeds (because that’s all I can afford) the players look like little red or blue ants on the field. So when a tan ant with long hair starts running down the field we were all massively confused. After about 50 yards we realized he was a streaker, and not just any streaker. A streaker who ran for 100 yards before security could finally get their hands on him, or just toss the blankets over him.

The loss was a bummer, but I will always remember that game. It was the first game that me and my sister attended together, and it was also the first game me and my roommate went to together. Put those two things together and you have a drunken equation. But nothing some pizza and fries couldn’t cure.

The second time this year was not only a game for me and my friends to remember but also for the whole Billsmafia. It was a complete white out! That morning we knew it would be cold, but we didn’t know that we weren’t going to be able to see half the field! Things were going great we got to our parking spot and we were drinking, it was almost as if we blinked and the weather took a turn.

We went from being able to see the ground to walking shin deep in snow to our seats. Once we arrived to what we thought were our seats (no one knew at this point) we each had an inch of snow on our heads. This game consisted of frozen finger, so frozen in fact I couldn’t even button my pants, frozen beer, and frozen toes. But through the frozen tundra you bet that every Bills fan there was having nothing but fun. It was hard to follow the game, because we half the time we didn’t know who had the ball or what down they were on. If the play was on the other side of the field, we would just wait for that side of the stadium to cheer, then we would follow. It wasn’t until the end that made the game exciting. I had unfortunately left because we were all just sooo cold! But between the Bills fighting to win the game and us fighting the weather to get home everyone won in the end.

Last was the best memory, being able to finally remember and watch a Bills Playoff Game! When I was young they made it into the Superbowl multiple times, however, I don’t even think I knew was football was at the time. Watching the Bills reaction to that weekend and watching how Buffalo came together was truly something inspirational. It makes me proud to be a Bills fan!

These memories are why being a Bills fan, to me, is something to love. No matter the conditions we are all cheering with smiles on our faces.


2 thoughts on “a bills fan.

  1. Being a Bills fan is one thing that brought our family together on Sundays. I always loved the family getting together to watch the game. Yes, it is hard to be a Bills fan, but I would not change them for any other team. GO BILLS

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