beginning to plan.

If you know me, then you know I love to plan. And if you REALLY know me you know I will go overboard with planning the stupidest little things. I am that person who even for a weekend will create lists, itineraries, planners, notes/research and every other OCD thing you can think of.



I did the trip when I was in third grade with my grandparents. We went up to the northern states then to the north west and finished in Portland Oregon at my Uncle’s house. Unfortunately because I was so young, instead of taking the southern route home I flew. I will admit I was homesick at the time so to me it didn’t matter. Ever since that trip though I have wanted to do it again. I have wanted to go to those same places, hike newer places, take those chances my grandpa always worried about and even venture down to the south west and southern states.


There is no plan YET! But there has been some research and lots of books and maps purchase. Some ideas I have that I want to do are…

  1. Drive from the East Coast to the West Coast and then back home.
  2. Go to every MLB stadium in the country and see a game.
  3. Camp everywhere I go! I’m sure some weeks there may be an AirBnB or even a hotel. Mainly to keep me sane, and clean!
  4. Drive down the coast of California! Cheesy and maybe cliche but I want to see why everyone says to do it.
  5. Hike a couple parts of the Appalachian Trail. Just a day hike! I would love to be able to camp in the woods, but even though me and my Sis can start a good fire, camping for more than one day in the woods might be out of our expertise!
  6. I want to revisit National Parks like Yellowstone and see Old Faithful again. I remember seeing these places when I was younger but I only remember bits and pieces.

I don’t know a time line, or even a route. All I have now is a big laminated map with a couple of colored sharpies waiting to outline, trace, and color!


4 thoughts on “beginning to plan.

  1. Gotta say … don’t be afraid to embrace the sense of uncertainty as opportunity. In the years to come, these moments and experiences will become less “grasapable” (if that is a word) and seemingly more difficult to attain. Your words and aspirations are inspiring!!!!

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  2. I did a cross country trip with my daughter in 2015. Planned a lot and managed some spontaneity. If I was doing it again I’d buy a national park pass. We ended up going to more than I expected. We camped, air bnb’d and cheap moteled too. Worked out great. Lots of great travel tools out there to help with the planning.

    We like podcasts so downloaded a bunch. As odd as this might sound, there were times I wished we had AAA paper maps and travel guides. We hit some stretches where we couldn’t connect to the internet. Making finding lodging…stressful.

    We joked about using google maps to sometimes find interesting routes. Non-highway options when we were being more adventurous and had some time. Oh. And following “the dots” on the AAA maps. Those signal scenic highways. THOSE were worth noting.

    The southwest area has some of the most amazing scenery. IMHO.

    And as to the CA coast? Yes. Worth the drive. Although I am biased.

    Just pay attention, espnif driving north to south. Lots of cliffs and not as many guardrails. I know. I live 20 minutes from the coast. If you drive through Sonoma county let me know. I’ll give you some tips from a local.


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