This is a call to everyone and anyone for HELP!

As me and my sister have started the beginning of our planning for our trip, we have realized we are not prepared for what we want to do. So we have decided to send a help call out to the world!

help me new girl quotes GIF-downsized

This is what we have made a final decision on:

Time Frame:

  • Leaving May 16-18, 2019
  • Returning at the earliest July 3rd
  • This is about 7 weeks with the hopes of expanding it a little longer


  • We want to start from Rochester NY head down south to northern Florida, the turn towards the west, up the west coast and then head back east once we hit Vancouver!


  • $10,000 for travel, food, lodging, and attraction costs

Sleeping Arrangements:

  • We want to camp for most of our time with occasional hotel/AirBnB just to stay sane!

Now with those details let the comments, advice, hints/tips or anything you have to say flow out! Me and my sister need to know things like what are some of the best places to see, eat or stay! Or if you have some experience let us know what you would recommend?! Is this enough money do we think for 7 weeks of wandering the country? Is what we want to do realistic in 7 weeks?

We have so many more questions and we want to know everything that you know and need help!




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