snowing in june.

Living in Rochester NY, you never know what kind of weather you are going to get. It can be 80 degrees in October for Halloween or we could have a foot of snow mid April. I have had years where at the end of April for my birthday I was laying outside in the sun, and then some where I was bundled up on the couch. It is so unpredictable.

This kind of snow however is different…

It’s not the kind that gives you goosebumps, it’s the kind that can give you itchy eyes. It doesn’t add 10 minutes to your morning routine for brushing off you car, but it does cling to your screens. The best part, it doesn’t last an unknown amount of months, its only around for a couple of weeks!


However, it is a sign that summer on the lake has begun. Memorial Day has passed and people have put the docks out and fueled up all their toys. It’s the times where happy hours at the bar only last one beer because you have to pack everything up and head down to the cottage (worst time of year at work for me).

I hate the itchy throat and the water eyes but I love that this means I am back in the cottage and able to lay out at any time of day. During the winter me and my family move next door into my grandparents house do to the lack of heat our cottage can hold. So when May and the snow fall in June rolls around it means that we are back into our box on stilts and the windows are open 24/7 (okay maybe more like 18/7, it can get chilly at night still).

Now its time for the “stressful” part of summer to begin! The planning of parties and celebrations between graduations and holidays! The weekends of friends with no worries and a lot of drinks. With a Monday of endless regret for not putting any sunscreen on all weekend.

Today the finishing touches went in on the doc, and as I look out my cotton filled screen I can’t help but love the tiny layer of fuzz that has coated the ground. The only kind of white I like to see when the sun is out shining.

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