a new year.

A new year!.. and with that brings a New Year’s post. Maybe a week and half late but I guess better now than never. I have tried to write a post about a resolution but every-time I try and think of something it seems too big or its something that to me is unreasonable. Which I think is the hardest part about a resolutions.

This year I decided to do something different, something a little more broad than the usual resolution. It can change from day to day but I am still working towards a something. New Year’s resolutions, I think, create so much pressure to complete and to stick to people get sick of it or aren’t enjoying it. I find every year I pick something that I don’t truly enjoy, and I lose interest in it. 

My goal for 2019 is creating a routine. Whether it be as simple as getting out of bed at 9 am and having a cup of coffee while I read my SKIMM. Or as productive as checking everything off of my long list of to-do’s. I want each day to have a purpose, and something to work towards.  

Being a bartender it is sooooooo HARD to create a solid routine. My hours each week change, the days I work change, what time I go to bed is constantly different. Sometimes its 4 in the morning and sometimes I’m struggling to stay awake at 9 o’clock at night. Creating a solid routine, and getting things done are hard because of all the inconsistency. With these inconsistencies bring bad habits that I want to break. 

My hope with this goal is that I am more productive, that it will lead to figuring out what I want with my future. I struggle a lot with what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m hoping by creating routines for each day it will help with motivation. It gives me something to look forward to each day, or to accomplish so I’m not just binge watching Netflix every day I have off. 

I think I am most excited about starting this because of how laid back and simple it is. I wont be disappointed if I am not at the gym that day, or if I cheat on a goal I have made. With this there is a lot of wiggle room and change that I will be more confident with sticking to it. It will be harder for me to give up and resort back to old habits when each new day brings a different agenda. I will have a clean slate every morning to work towards a small goal that I have set for myself with no pressure. It doesn’t matter if each day I have the same routine or if it changes daily. If I go away on vacation I don’t have to worry about cheating or not getting to the gym as much as I would like. 

Just maybe the year of 2019 will be the year I complete my resolution for more than the first few months. 

Fingers crossed!!

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