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the oldies.

The first 18 years of your life you are around the same kids. You all grow up and transform together as you enter middle school, high school and finally graduation. Then comes a whole new world. A world of making new friends, finding a new niche, and new clicks. You form new inside jokes, new habits, […]


You’re waiting. Waiting impatiently for the dates to come out. Specifically, that one date. That one date that you clear your schedule for. That one date you wait all winter for. You pick up those few extra shifts to afford that date off. You beg your co-workers to cover you while you’re gone. You pray that […]

im done.

  I’m done. Done with classroom daydreaming. Done with notebooks filled with doodles. Done with tests I’m not prepared for. Done with rushing for deadlines. I’m done. Done with after hours that go till sunrise. Done with drinking a hangover away. Done with dad slipping me beer money. Done with filling in the blanks from […]