This is a call to everyone and anyone for HELP! As me and my sister have started the beginning of our planning for our trip, we have realized we are not prepared for what we want to do. So we have decided to send a help call out to the world! This is what we have […]

.. 2017.

  Every year I try to make resolutions/goals for the time ahead of me. And every year it takes about 2 weeks for me to go back into my old habits. This year I am doing something different. Actually, I am just switching it up, because I did make resolutions and they lasted a record-setting 3-ish weeks […]


5:38 am. Thats the time when the sun peaks over the hills behind East Lake Road. The time when the birds start chatting the morning gossip. The time when I become irritated the sun is walking into my room uninvited. The lake is awake. The water still undisturbed by the raging motors, and the sun giving […]